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We still accept applications for housing renovation according to ESCO principle

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Although the state has stopped submission of new projects to housing renovation programme, we – RenEsco continue to negotiate with representatives of multi-family buildings who want to live in refurbished, warm and nicely looking buildings. These buildings will be possible to renovate when the new housing renovation programme starts. Your building can be the first one!

We welcome you to apply your building for renovation according to ESCO principle. To make cooperation with you more successful, we invite all active people to talk to your neighbors - in your stairwell and next ones. The more active you are, the higher is the chance that most people vote positively for renovation.

We, in turn, shall help you organize a citizens' general meeting and prepare the necessary documents, when we know conditions of state financing.

P.S. In Riga we shall consider all applications from the series of multi-family buildings, where the number of apartments is above 30.


U.S. Ambassador visits renovated buildings in Cesis

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On May 9, U.S. Ambassador Mark Pekala (in picture second from left) went on a working visit to Cesis. Among other things, the Ambassador visited apartment buildings in Cesis renovated by RenEsco - in 17b Saules Street and 5 Vilku Street, as well as learned about problems in non-renovated apartment building and opportunities to stop further deterioration of buildings, and energy efficiency solutions.


 In order to discuss energy efficiency improvement and heat supply modernization of apartment buildings in Latvia, the U.S. Ambassador met with RenEsco Chairman Eric Berman and Chairman of the Board of Cesis housing maintenance company CDzP Girts Beikmanis.


Eric Berman, assessing interest of the U.S. Ambassador in housing renovation problems, said: "If we compare condition and wear and tear of housing stock in Latvia, as well as overcrowding in Riga, we see that it is one of the worst in Europe. These issues need attention on the national level. If the right financing conditions are established by the national government, the modernization and preservation of Latvia’s housing stock can be paid for by the energy savings achieved. By doing so Latvia can ensure decent living conditions for the next generation. But if we fail to act now, many average income Latvians will have no alternative but to emigrate to countries where decent, affordable housing is available”.

Completed 5 modern apartment building renovation projects

Energy service company RenEsco - currently the only one in Latvia, acting as ESCO, or on the energy performance contract basis, completed 5 more apartment building renovation in Cesis (Saules 17b, Vilku 5, Caunas 6a, Viestura 8a, Viestura 10a). Total investment amount - 1,5 million euro. Netherlands International Housing Guarantee Fund and JSC"Citadele bank" funding had been used in the projects. Projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Renovated apartment buildings will be opened this year August 16th at 17.00, in Cesis, Saules 17b yard.

viestura10a_pecrenov_mWe thank and invite all Saules 17b, Vilku 5, Caunas 6a, Viestura 8a, Viestura 10a, Kovārņu 31 residents and elders, as well as project implementers to participate in the celebration. Other residents who are currently thinking about a renovation are also welcome to participate. During the event will be an opportunity to get acquainted with already completed projects and get to know about house renovation possibilities.


A complex renovation had been performed in all buildings, including such works as facades, attic and basement ceiling insulation, heating system renovation and hot water system reconstruction, old wooden window replacement in the apartments and staircases, as well as cleaning of ventilation shafts and staircases redecoration. As a result of energy efficiency measures implementation a heat energy consumption will decrease about 50%.


In the several new projects the unique technologies such as geothermal heat pumps and ventilation heat recovery systems will be used, so the total energy consumption in these apartment buildings will be reduced by up to 80%.

RENESCO got the European prize

berman_with_prize_mGünther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy, honoured the prize winners of the 7th European Energy Service Award (EESA). Amongst the winners of this year’s three categories is company RENESCO from Latvia - the first ESCO in the world to provide comprehensive renovation of multi-family buildings based on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).


At the office of the land Berlin to the EU Günther Oettinger emphasised in his keynote speech the use of renewable energies for the future and the need of the Energy Efficiency Directive, which was passed last week. The ESCO finance model used by the Latvian company RENESCO was recognized as an innovative and necessary tool for apartment building renovation. The ESCO operating principle allows for the renovation of apartment buildings for which the citizens themselves do not have the financial means. All investments are done by the ESCO and are earned back only on the basis of the energy that will be saved during the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) period.


Michael Geißler, chief executive officer of Berliner Energieagentur, spoke of a success story in his welcoming speech. “The European Energy Service Award helps to make Energy Performance Contracting known Europe-wide. In the framework of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, EPC is an important method to achieve the EU-climate goals”. Therefore it is necessary to follow up on the activities the European Energy Service Initiative started.

Why renovate apartment buildings?
Building in Cēsis awarded

atziniba_buve_2011We are really proud of the renovated apartment building in Cesis, Kovarnu Street 31 – it has received 1st prize in the competition “Building of 2011” organized by Cesis District municipality, within the group of apartment buildings. Congratulations to apartment owners, inhabitants and house elder Natalia Raiskuma!


This event was also described in Cesis regional newspaper „Druva”:

„Many multi-family buildings in Cesis were renovated this year and the Commission assessed the finished projects. First place was granted to the apartment building in Kovarnu street 31 for its facade renovation. House elder Mrs. Natalia Raiskuma acknowledged that the facade has been fully reshaped and there is no other building like this in a town: “Our special feature is the glazed balconies façade running from  the ground till the roof which makes the building look attractive and very different from other similar building types. We are seeing that the renovation is also bringing the desired energy efficiency so the building looks good and the residents are warm.”

Save your house by saving energy!

Please, find two brochures for reading – one, which outlines a standard set of energy efficiency measures and renovation works done by the RENESCO, and the other about the ESCO model for financing housing renovations and the principles of our Energy Performance Contract. Visual materials and examples will hopefully help apartment owners to better understand conditions of their building and define necessity for renovation.


Brochure "How To Renovate Your Building? Technical Measures for Housing Renovation

Brochure "Why To Renovate Your Building? ESCO Model - A New Way of Financing Renovations"

Brochure in Latvian (PDF, 711 KB)
Brochure in  Russian (PDF, 702 KB)
Brochure in English (PDF, 796 KB)
Brochure in Latvian (PDF, 690 KB)
Brochure in Russian (PDF, 698 KB)
Brochure in English, LVL (PDF, 795 KB)
Brochure in English, EUR (PDF, 695 KB)






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