Shared Services is a company established in 2014. Shared Services provides accounting services, financial advisory services, tax and accounting issues. We have years of experience providing accounting services to builders, constructors,  project managers of multi-apartment building renovation projects and building management.


We use creative and innovative approaches to solution ofaccounting problems. The principle of Shared Services is to provide our customers with an integrated approach to issues, as we believe that each task should be analysed and have its individual approach. Such a standpoint enables to deal with problems in a global way, and to achieve the highest results.


Shared Services offers the following services:

  • full cycle accounting in compliance with LR legislation;
  • Tax accounting, reporting and submission to State Revenue Service (VID);
  • Annual and operational financial reporting, statistical reporting, as appropriate management reporting;
  • preparing internal supporting documents.


Our values:

  • To offer the high quality accounting services;
  • to provide advice on topical financial and tax issues;
  • to work quickly and accurately;
  • we take a stand in favor of honest business in building maintenance and energy supply.



Shared Services has the knowledge, experience and motivation to ensure the company the most important value - accuracy, quality, performance, cost optimisation, and thus to allow the company to fully concentrate on its core business.