Saules 17b, Cēsis

Renovation of the multi-family building in Cesis, Saules 17b. House was put into operation in 1976, there are 33 apartments with total useful area 1721.00 m2.

Energy Audit and Technical Survey proved that the overall technical condition of the building is unsatisfactory, as well as the building exterior wall, attic floor and basement ceiling thermal resistance does not meet the Latvian Building Code requirements.

To avoid the above mentioned problems and improve energy efficiency of the building, the following measures are being implemented within the project:

   1. Repairment  of building walls and hydroisolation of basement walls.

    2. Replacement of old glased blocks.

    3. Replacement of old wooden-frame windows.

    4. Renovation of main entrance and backyard doors.

    5. Insulation of attic floor and repairment of roof.

    6. Insulation of building walls.

    7. Insulation of basement ceiling.

    8. Renovation of loggias.

    9. Renovation of main entrance.

    10. Repairment of basement walls.

    11. Repairment of staircases.

    12. Renovation of ventilation system.

    13. Renovation of rain water system.

    14. Reconstruction of hot water system.

    15. Renovation of heating system and restoration of pipe insulation in the basement.

    16. Installation of energy monitoring system.

In result of energy efficiency measures energy consumption in the building is decreased for 43%.

In order to implement the project the Energy Performance Contract among RENESCO Ltd, housing manager and owners of apartments was concluded, providing energy efficiency measures in the building to be implemented, standards of comfort to be respected, as well as commitment of apartment owners and the managing body towards the ESCO company.

Total eligible costs of the project are EUR 241 689, from which some part is financed by European Regional Development Fund.