Gaujas 13, Valmiera

A comprehensive renovation of apartment building in Valmiera, Gaujas street 13, has been completed in 2010.

The multi-flat building in Valmiera, 13 Gaujas street, was put into operation in 1980. It comprises 36 apartments with total useful area of 2239 m2, and the heated area – 1914,6 m2.

During performing of energy audit it was realized that the overall technical condition of the building is dissatisfactory. Damages in sealing between blocks were recorded, complains from inhabitants of the building concerning water descending into apartments through the damaged end wall during rainfall were received, as well as signs of water flow in staircases on upper floors along window frames and junctures of staircase were observed. Thermal resistance of the building envelope did not comply with the valid Latvian building Standard LBN.  

In order to avert the above mentioned problems, within the framework of the project the following energy efficiency activities were implemented:

1.    insulation of building’s end and facade walls;

2.    insulation of staircase walls;

3.    change of windows in apartments;

4.    insulation of basement ceiling;

5.    additional insulation of attic;

6.    change of staircase windows;

7.    renovation of heating system and restoration of  pipeline insulation in basement and attic.


With implementation of the listed energy efficiency measures energy consumption in the building was reduced by 50%, and this result has been achieved while the building space heating system was not yet fully tuned, and the new domestic hot water system was not yet operational. Taking into account these last aspects, the final savings for 13 Gaujas Street are expected to fall in the range between 48% and 53%.   Within the framework of this project the following measures of great importance will be implemented:

1.    hot water supply system renovated;

2.    airshaft cleaned;

3.    repair of staircase performed;

4.    energy monitoring system installed;

5.    damp-proof-course of the edge (plinth) of the building performed.

Within the framework of the project also informative and awareness raising measures on project results were implemented.  For instance, during performance of construction works an informative stand with the logotype of EU structural funds was put up.

Total eligible costs of the project are EUR 152 076 from which part is financed by European Regional Development Fund.